7 arrested from bank protests across Seattle

SEATTLE — Seven environmental activists were arrested in Seattle on Monday while protesting banks that take part in the funding of pipelines.

Seattle police confirmed all seven protesters were asked to leave, warned of arrest, and ultimately were arrested for trespassing.

The protesters were part of an indigenous-led global protest known as “Divest the Globe”. According to the ‘100 Banks, 1 Day – Divest the Globe’ Facebook page today’s protest part of “three days of action across the world targeting the banks that are funding the desecration of Mother Earth--- including the destructive Canadian tar sands oil extraction that is seriously affecting First Nations' health, lands, and water, as well as worsening the climate crisis.”

The Seattle march was joined by people taking actions in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Tampa Bay, Austin, Wenatchee and more than 15 other cities across North America.

In May, Chase Bank branches in Seattle saw business disrupted by activists in a similar effort to stop loans to tar-sands oil-pipeline projects.

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