• 36 animals rescued from 'deplorable' conditions in Kitsap County home

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    CHICO, Wash. - The Kitsap Humane Society says they rescued 36 animals from a home with conditions they could only describe as "deplorable.”

    They found 26 dogs, five rabbits, four cats and one guinea pig locked inside a home in the Chico area on Tuesday.

    Many of the dogs were kept in cages. Two were locked in a room without sunlight.

    Investigators say the owner of the home lives in another county but was supposedly visiting the home every other day to give the dogs food and water.

    “It kind of took my breath away, not just because of the smell but the conditions these animals were living in,” said Kitsap Animal Control Supervisor Chase Connolly. “I've been an animal control supervisor for about eight years and this is probably one of the worst cases I’ve seen.”

    Workers at the Humane Society hope to put the dogs up for adoption, but say many will need medical treatment and grooming before they're ready.

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