• Earthquake swarm strikes in Washington near Lake Stevens, Granite Falls

    By: MyNorthwest.com and KIRO7 Webstaff


    WASHINGTON - Twelve earthquakes have struck the same area of Washington within hours of each other — two of which registered above 3.0.

    The USGS reports that a magnitude-3.4 earthquake shook near Lake Stevens and Granite Falls around 11:36 a.m. Friday. Four people recorded feeling the quake as of 11:53 a.m. More than 10 people recorded feeling the quake by 11:55 a.m.

    Initial reports pinpointed the first quake was about seven miles from Lake Stevens. That was soon changed to about 8.7 miles away from Lake Stevens and 6.2 miles from Granit Falls.

    The latest earthquakes recorded around Seattle

    All the quakes have been between 6 and 12 miles in depth — the first being the deepest. Over Friday afternoon, the shakes kept coming.

    • 1.9 about 7 miles from Granite Falls.

    • 3.0 about 5.5. miles from Three Lakes.

    • 1.7 was about 5 miles from Three Lakes.

    • 1.1 about 6 miles from Granite Falls.

    • 2.5 about 6 miles from Three lakes.

    • 1.2 about 6 miles from Three Lakes.

    • .8 about 8 miles from Granite Falls.

    • 1.5 about 7 miles from Granite Falls.

    • 1.0 about 7 miles from Granite Falls.

    • 2.7 about 6 miles from Three Lakes.

    • 0.9 about 6 miles from Granite Falls.

    According to John Vidale with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, the latter quakes are considered aftershocks due to their location and timing around the largest shake. Vidale called the earthquakes a “swarm.”

    This article used information from MyNorthwest’s Earthquake Tracker and thePacific Northwest Seismic Network.

    Users on the KIRO 7 News Facebook page say they felts it in Lake Stevens and Sultan.

    If you felt it, you can file a report here.

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