3 people overdose at Everett senior living apartments

EVERETT, Wash. — Three people overdosed on opioids at a senior living apartment complex in Everett where neighbors say they have seen drug dealing.

The triple overdose happened Saturday at around 8 p.m. Two women — one in her 60s — are in critical condition. The third person is a man in his 50s, who is OK.

We talked to about a dozen people at the complex who said they have seen drugs passed around the complex and in the parking lot.

“I’ve seen a drug deal go down around 6:30 the other morning when I was out here,” said a neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous.

People who live at the Vintage Apartments say drug buying, selling, and consuming are constant there.

“With brown paper and cellophane around the outside of it, so you assume that’s what it is and it’s coming from an apartment that does sell drugs. Even the new people that come in, they can’t believe what happens here,” said Dede, who lives at the complex.

“… and she asked me if I want to do fentanyl with her. I’m like, ‘No I don’t want to do fentanyl with you. I don’t want to do that stuff,’” said resident Bruce Givens.

Residents said with all the drug activity, overdoses were bound to happen.

“It doesn’t surprise me. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before,” said Dede.

“There were at least four cop cars. Three fire engines, and at one point, 12 EMTs,” said a resident. “I thought there was an accident on this very busy street. I was just a little overwhelmed.”

The Everett Fire Department could not confirm if all the people who overdosed lived at the apartment complex.

The people living at the Vintage Apartments are supposed to be ages 55 and up and say it’s hard living in a place where they don’t feel safe.

“In the meantime, we’re all going crazy. This is like living in a funny farm. We have to say that and laugh because you’d be crying 24/7 here,” a resident said.

Everett Fire officials said a new, Narcan-resistant opioid is popping up in the area and at the apartments.

There is also Tranq — an animal tranquilizer that officials say is being mixed with drugs like fentanyl and heroin — which is resistant to Narcan. The Drug Enforcement Administration found it in about a quarter of powdered fentanyl and in 7% of pills seized last year.