• Good Samaritan reunited with man he helped rescue from burning car

    By: David Solano


    SILVERDALE, Wash. - UPDATE: KIRO 7 was there to capture the moment of Jerry David Lewis meeting Terrance Billy at Harborview Medical Center on Friday.

    "I'm not really in any pain at all,” said Lewis.

    Billy and Spencer Uber were driving on southbound Route 303 in Silverdale on Thursday when they noticed a car on fire – and that's when they jumped into action.

    "He was completely distraught and covered in flames,” said Uber. “His coat was already pretty well burnt (and) half of his hair was burnt and gone." 

    "I was in shock and it was real loud in there with all of the flames and everything was closed in,” said Lewis.

    Billy was able to convince Lewis to get out of the car just minutes before the back windshield exploded.

    "Once again I'm glad I was at the right place at the right time for you,” said Billy.

    "It was a match that was lit and put in the ashtray (that created all the flames),” said Lewis. “When it was in the ashtray … there were other pieces of matches and that's what caught on fire."

    Lewis is grateful to be alive after going through those heart-stopping moments. 

    "Just thank you very much,” said Lewis.

    The heroic efforts from two complete strangers saved Lewis' life.

    "I appreciate you,” said Lewis. 

    Lewis also appreciates everything that Uber did to get him out of the car.

    "Spencer I wish you could be here,” said Lewis. “Everything I've said so far – as far as thanks and everything else – it applies to you just as well as it does to him."  

    The good Samaritans have given Lewis a reason to smile once again.

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    Previous Coverage: 

    Terrance Billy and Spencer Uber told KIRO 7 about the heart-pounding moments before they pulled a man out of his burning car on Thursday.

    "(It was) a white Pontiac Firebird that was pulled over on the side of the road that was engulfed in flames,” said Uber. "The gentleman was smoking a cigarette, went to put it out and the next thing we know … he just went up in smoke." 

    "I said to him, 'Sir, open the door, open the door, open the door,” said Billy, who moved to Bremerton from New Orleans 20 years ago. “I said, 'You need to get out.'”

    Once they were able to pull the man out of the car, Billy said they heard a big boom.

    "We only got about 5 feet away from the car by the time the back window blew out,” said Uber.

    They stuck around until the man was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. 

    "We were able to get ahold of Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue,” said Uber. “(The) state patrol came up pretty quick.”

    There is no question the good samaritans are heroes for their quick thinking, which saved the man's life.

    "I felt bad for him because there were just a bunch of people passing (by the scene) and not caring,” said Uber. “And I'm thinking, ‘This guy could have died. What are you people thinking?’"

    "We should be able to help folks when we can and when there's a need for that,” said Billy. “Like today, there was a need for me to help somebody."  

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