Tacoma teen shooting victim dies

VIDEO: 18-year-old dead, suspect in custody after shooting in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. — An 18-year-old man shot in Tacoma has died, the Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed.

Chase Seibold died at the hospital after being taken off of life support Thursday and his organs were donated, his relatives said.

It was Monday when an argument led to a man unknown to the victims, reportedly involving himself and opening fire without provocation.

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Angela Bohrer said this Tuesday, "This is unreal, you know. He was only out of my house for not even five minutes. Guns went off."

Bohrer said her heart sank when she heard shots fired Monday night.

"I just felt it in my gut," she said.

Bohrer said her son, Seibold, was on R Street with his uncle, Jacob Stanford, when someone came up and shot them.

She rushed outside and her worst fears were brought to life.

"I looked at him and he had a shot through his head right here and I tried calling to him, but they pulled me away," said Bohrer.

Sandra Vandehey lives across the street from where Monday night's shooting occurred.

"I heard the pop, pop, pop," she said.

She said she watched the shooting from her back porch.

"I heard them yelling and then all of a sudden I heard the one shot and then two more shots," said Vandehey.

Tacoma police said the 26-year-old shooter had never met the two men he shot. He said he heard people arguing and decided to get involved.

"This uninvolved, totally unrelated party made the assumption that he was the one they were being loud about and came up and confronted them and the shooting occurred," said Officer Loretta Cool. "He was not with them. He had nothing to do with that general neighborhood."

Cool said the number of shootings is up this year across the city.

This homicide brings the total number of deadly shootings to 19, which adds up to more deadly shootings than in all of 2018 combined.

"It's gotten extremely bad, extremely bad. You hear gunfire every night," said Vandehey.

"It's real scary, especially living here on the front street. Those bullets could've came flying in my house," said Cassie Woodley.

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