12th annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk raises funds for groundbreaking research

VIDEO: 12th annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk raises fund for groundbreaking research

Thousands of people came together at the Seattle Center Sunday for the 12th Annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk.

The proceeds go toward groundbreaking research being done at the Ben & Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Hospital.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Cobbs is taking part in Sunday's walk with his family.

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“The trials we do are based on patients’ own specimens being analyzed creating a personalized treatment for them,” said Dr. Cobbs. “These immunotherapy approaches are probably going to lead to a major breakthrough.”

KIRO 7 recently visited his lab where his team is conducting clinical trials for therapies to personalize treatments for brain cancer patients. The work could lead to higher survival rates, or even one day, a cure.

“This cutting edge research depends a lot on the community so excited to see people come out and support that,” said Dr. Cobbs.

Among those taking part in the walk is 31-year-old Kelsey Saty. She was one of Dr. Cobbs' patients after she was diagnosed with brain cancer almost four years ago.

“You never think something like that will happen to you. I was 27 years old and newly married,” said Saty.

Saty, now a mother of an 8-month-old boy, said she’s thankful for early detection and for a successful surgery. Today she’s cancer free and wants to others fighting this disease to one day live her story.

“It’s so encouraging and inspiring and that’s why I am here,” said Saty. “I am here to help raise money and make a difference and hopefully to find a cure.”

The Brain Cancer Walk started in 2008 and has since raised close to $6 million.