• Lawsuit filed against Woodland Park Zoo over elephants' fate

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    SEATTLE - The Woodland Park Zoo elephants are in legal limbo as a group is suing to block Chai's and Bamboo's move to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

    At Seattle City Hall on Monday, the Elephant Justice Project announced its lawsuit against Woodland Park Zoo and the City of Seattle.

    The group wants the two animals sent to an elephant sanctuary in California instead of the OKC zoo.

    They argue OKC's zoo does not have enough space to support its current herd of elephants along with Chai and Bamboo.

    Woodland agreed not to move the elephants to Oklahoma until a court makes an initial ruling on the lawsuit.

    Zoo supporters say the elephants can't go to the sanctuary because of a tuberculosis outbreak. A judge will rule whether the Woodland zoo elephants can be moved to OKC on April 3.

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