Lawsuit accuses Pierce County prosecutor, deputy of deceiving court

PIERCE CO., Wash. — A woman who was charged twice in Pierce County and twice had those charges dismissed has filed a federal lawsuit against the county prosecuting attorney and one of his deputies.

Lynn Dalsing's husband was convicted in 2011 on a child rape charge. Lynn Dalsing was charged with child molestation based on a photograph that prosecutors said showed her on a bed with her daughter. A sheriff's deputy later testified that the photo was not Dalsing, but was from a pornographic series that was circulating on the internet.

Lynn Dalsing says Mark Lindquist directed Deputy Jared Ausserer to maliciously prosecute her in 2010 based on false allegations and deceptive information.

Her lawsuit claims he charged her a second time in 2013 as retaliation for her success in a different civil lawsuit. The Superior Court judge who dismissed those charges in March called it a case of "prosecutorial vindictiveness."

Dalsing is seeking unspecified damages.

Richard Jolley — the lawyer hired to represent Lindquist, Ausserer and Pierce County — responded to the lawsuit.

"The evidence shows Lynn Dalsing facilitated the sexual abuse of her daughter, granddaughter and their friend by her convicted sex offender husband.  The fact that she wants money from the taxpayers after assisting her husband in the abuse of children is an outrage," he said.

"The allegation that Mark Lindquist, or anyone acting on his behalf, directed criminal charges be filed against Lynn Dalsing because she filed a lawsuit are especially troubling.  There is no factual support for this baseless claim or anything else alleged in this frivolous lawsuit.  The county looks forward to a full airing of the facts at trial as we are confident we will win and all the defendants will be completely vindicated.  The evidence will show that Lynn Dalsing was responsible, in part, for the multiple rapes of three young girls by her husband Michael," he said.

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