• KIRO 7 report leads to nationwide cyberstalking investigation

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - On Thursday, new Seattle Police Department documents were filed in King County Superior Court that reveal, because the KIRO 7 report in late 2013 identified the suspect by name, a Philadelphia detective investigating the same man contacted the SPD to compare evidence.

    KIRO 7 Reporter Alison Grande was the first to report on a Seattle woman’s struggle with a cyberstalker last October.

    According to the newly filed documents, shortly after Holly Mason told KIRO 7 she was harassed by Adam Carter-Campbell on OKCupid.com, the Philadelphia Police Detective contacted the SPD because Carter-Campbell was also being investigated for "stalking four different females in the Philadelphia area." The documents reveal, Carter-Campbell bragged to one of those four victims via email that he was “trying to purchase a handgun."  The Philadelphia detective quote: believed “this is the type of case where (the) suspect will eventually make headlines and actively be involved in a shooting."

    That is precisely what concerned Holly Mason.  She told KIRO 7 last October that Carter-Campbell made similar threats to her online.  He wrote on social media, “You’re the reason that mass shootings happen.  I blame you.”  Carter-Campbell also wrote: “You just got to be nicer to me, that way I won’t have the inclination to go kill a bunch of people.”

    Carter-Campbell was arrested and charged with felony cyberstalking shortly after KIRO 7's story aired last year.  He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was released from the King County Correctional Facility in downtown Seattle after serving 57-days behind bars.  Court documents reveal, he moved to Maryland to be closer to family but was ordered not to have any contact with Mason.

    The new search warrant made public on Thursday shows Carter-Campbell did contact Mason through Facebook and Tumblr.

    Seattle Police Detective Drew Fowler told KIRO 7, investigators are now working with social media sites to collect more possible evidence against Carter-Campbell.

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