Jesse Jones gets a family their refund after fight with Expedia

Seattle, WA — Eric Norberg wants to fly with his kids to see family members in Egypt over the holidays. He did his homework: the country’s open, and his family has doctors and COVID testing at the ready.

But the journey to get tickets through Expedia has been less than joyful.

“My general sentiment is that they don’t care at all,” says Eric.

Eric paid about $2600 for the tickets.

But the next day he received three emails in quick succession. The first one said Air Canada changed his flight details.Three minutes later, he got an email that said “your airline has canceled your flight.” And 60 seconds after that, the last communication saying “we accepted the updated flights on your behalf.”

Then the final piece of news.

“I log into the Expedia website to learn that my itinerary had been completely cancelled. they cancelled it. All of it,” says Eric.

Expedia gave Eric a travel credit, but he was told the change in ticket price was an additional $2305.48.

“If they couldn’t accommodate me, they should have been providing a rebooking that was a comparable price,” says Eric.

As for a full refund? He says that was never offered at all.

We contacted Expedia. Representatives told us Eric had canceled his flights - not the airline.

So we asked Eric about that:

“Never. Didn’t do that,” says Eric. “For me, it’s just about every time I call in I get a different answer about how this got cancelled.”

Remember, Expedia’s own emails say the airline changed, cancelled, and updated his flights. But the company now says it will follow its policy, since Eric cancelled within 24 hours, and will give him a full refund - something Eric says was never offered to him until we got involved.

He says he has no idea why that wasn’t on the table in the first place.

“That’s what I asked. I’ve talked to three different supervisors, probably talked to 10 other front line staff and their customer service department. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that,” says Eric.

Eric also told me today, after seeing the recent spike in COVID cases, he’s rethinking his trip. He’s now planning to stay homebound with his kids - and his cash - over the holidays.

One thing to know: if an airline cancels a flight, the U.S. Department of Transportation says a prompt refund must be provided to the traveler. If they don’t, you can file a consumer complaint here. You can also call me.

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