• Horse stolen, owner pleads for return

    By: Maria Guerrero


    SNOQUALMIE, Wash. - People all over Western Washington and Canada are sharing a local woman's story online.

    Someone stole her horse.

    Sarah Dafler has been around horses all her life.

    She boards a couple of them at her home off Southeast Tokul Road in Snoqualmie. But one stall has sat empty for two weeks now.

    "I have to feed the other horses and I have to pick up after them and ... my horse isn't here," said Dafler tearing up.

    Dafler's 24-year-old Arabian horse JD is missing and may have been stolen on Monday, July 13.

    "This is our lower pasture and that's the fence," she said showing KIRO 7 her property.

    The Snoqualmie Valley Trail butts up to the pasture where the horse, who Dafler values at around $5,000, was last seen grazing.

    The secluded location, surrounded by nature and winding roads, could've provided the perfect cover.

    "If somebody wanted to do harm they could very easily hide and we wouldn't even know that they were there," she said.

    About a mile down the road, a witness said they saw a horse trailer that day. There is still hay on the ground next to Tokul Road.

    Dafler says she found "spit-up hay” there too -- something JD often does.

    The horse is a bay with older teeth, a right rear sock, a star on his forehead and a snip on his nose.

    Dafler hopes someone may have seen JD roaming a pasture or being led away by someone. But she fears he may never turn up.

    "I don't care who took him, I just want him back. Just bring him back," Dafler said crying.

    The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

    Dafler’s friend set up a Facebook page for any tips.

    One person on the Facebook page said another horse was recently stolen near Arlington.

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