• Heavy smoke from Canada fires blankets northern Washington


    PORT ANGELES, Wash. - Heavy smoke blanketed portions of northern Washington on Sunday. 

    The smoke was traveling south from fires in Canada. 

    911 dispatchers were swamped with calls inquiring about the smoke, according to fire officials.

    Some of the smoke was traveling down the west side of the Olympic Peninsula, and officials said it could affect Forks, Queets and Quinault.

    Officials advised the public that there was no increased danger from the Paradise Fire.

    One KIRO 7 viewer in the San Juan Islands shared photo of heavy smoke in his area, as well. 


    Another viewer, Tony Marvin, said painters in Seiku, Washington were finding specks of ash in their paint -- as they were painting.


    Please don’t call 911 unless you are reporting a fire.

    Instead, questions about the heavy smoke should be directed to officials at this number: (360) 565-3760.

    Air quality in Wash. is expected to improve on Monday, click here to read more.

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