• Gov. Jay Inslee signs anti-stalking bill


    TACOMA, Wash. - Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Saturday that would create a stalking protection order after a fatal shooting of an elementary school teacher in Tacoma in 2010.

    Ken Paulson worked three years to get a bill passed to better protect stalking victims after his daughter, Jennifer Paulson, was killed at Birney Elementary School. She was a special education teacher.

    A park was built at the school in honor of Jennifer Paulson.

    “She was a co-worker with him in college, and he fixated somewhere along the way,” said Ken Paulson. “Because really, this law is going to protect the victim. Hopefully, it’ll give help to the stalker.”

    Inslee signed the bill, which bears Jennifer Paulson's name, at the Birney Elementary School. 

     “OK, I am now signing the Jennifer Paulson stalking protection order act,” said Inslee. “I’m presenting this pen to a fellow who made this happen, Jennifer’s father, Ken Paulson. Congratulations, Ken. Good work.”

    The bill creates a new petition for a stalking protection order for any person who does not qualify for a domestic violence protection order. A violation of a stalking protection or no-contact order would be considered a gross misdemeanor.

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