• Bellevue family reunited with dog after fire

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - Neighbors helped reunite a couple with their missing dog after a fire forced them from their Bellevue home.         

    The fire broke out around 5 p.m. on Monday in the garage of the home on 164th Avenue Southeast.       

    Greg Byersdorfer and his dog, Kate, both got out as fire crews battled the flames.     

    “Looks like they saved probably 70 percent of the home and a lot of personal items,” Bellevue Fire Department spokesperson Lt. Richard Burke said. “Given it’s the Christmas season, it’s nice to be able to save all those pictures and personal mementos.”        

    “How terrible it is to have that happen literally days before Christmas,” neighbor Alan Trinh said.

    The dog disappeared amid the roar of the fire engines. The Byersdorfers searched for hours.      

    Little did they know that Kate had shown up at a neighbor’s door, blocks away across a field.      

    “We could see the huge smoke plume from the house fire,” Lydia Hillier said. She was walking her dog when she saw Kate.        

    Hillier and her boyfriend, Hunter Greif, spotted the Byersdorfers’ last name on the dog’s tag and tracked down their home.      

    “We were so worried about you,” Deb Byersdorfer exclaimed as she and the dog were reunited.      

    “After this happening, some good news is probably awesome,” Hillier said. “Happy to help!”

    “The most important things are [that] no people were hurt and no animals were hurt and the neighbor up here already told us she has our cat, so we’re cool!” Byersdorfer said.

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