Former wine bar employee charged with voyeurism

Former wine bar employee charged with voyeurism

WOODINVILLE, Wash. — Detectives are trying to find a former wine bar employee accused of taking pictures of women using the restroom at Purple Cafe in Woodinville.

There's a $50,000 warrant out for the arrest of Jorge Atocha Borges Puc.

"Turned around to flush the toilet and noticed kind of a black bar moving up and down behind the toilet. When I focused in on it I realized it was an iPhone camera," said the customer who reported the incident to police.

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The woman didn't want to be identified but said she did try to confront the perpetrator, who she said was a busboy she had seen inside the restaurant.

"I tried to confront him by saying what was he doing in the women's restroom and he told me he was cleaning and I said 'what are you doing with a camera in my stall?' He said I'I don’t have one. I’m sorry,'" said the woman.

A Purple Cafe manager said that when she found out about the allegation, the employee was fired immediately.

The suspect admitted he shouldn't have been in the women's restroom, but told detectives he did not take any photos or videos while inside.

“We believe our client was the victim of an appalling act.  The matter is under investigation and we are confident that justice will prevail," said Scott Carness, the victim's attorney.

Borges Puc is scheduled to be arraigned on July 9.