• Former cellmate of accused family killer investigated for threatening witness

    By: Amy Clancy


    While Michele Anderson awaits trial for allegedly murdering six of her own family members in Carnation nearly seven years ago, KIRO 7 has learned a woman she befriended in jail is being investigated for threatening a potential witness for the prosecution.

    According to documents just filed in King County Superior Court, the witness -- who’s also an extended member of Anderson’s family -- received an anonymous text on Sept. 8 that read, “Good morning how are you doing today. (sic) Are you still at your house? I hope you are safe there…”

    The family member who received the text “felt threatened,” according to the search warrant, which was filed to gain access to the phone records of a woman detectives were concerned “may act out on Anderson’s behalf.” 

    That woman and Anderson met while both were inmates at the King County jail in downtown Seattle. She and Anderson "developed a relationship and stayed in contact” even after the other woman’s release, according to the warrant.  She reportedly has mental health issues and has been “convicted in the past of stalking and harassing” law enforcement officers and a judge.

    The new cyberstalking investigation shouldn’t have any impact on Anderson’s upcoming murder trial, according to Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Scott O’Toole, who told KIRO 7 the subject of the investigation has been in court to support Anderson during her third competency hearing. O’Toole also said, investigators do not know for sure that the threatening text came from her. The investigation continues.

    Anderson and her former boyfriend, Joseph McEnroe, could face the death penalty if convicted of murdering Anderson's mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and the younger couple's two children in December of 2007.

    The following year, in multiple interviews from jail, Anderson admitted to KIRO 7 that she is guilty, saying “I shot my family.”  Anderson also claimed she wanted to plead guilty, but said, “Every time I try to speak out in court, the lawyers talk over me.”

    Opening statements in McEnroe’s murder trial are expected early next year.  Anderson’s trial should start next September, according to O’Toole.        

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