• Firefighters warn drought causing homes to burn faster

    By: Nick McGurk


    SKYWAY, Wash. - Seattle hasn't seen more than a tenth of an inch of rain in 42 days.

    Firefighters say homes are drying out--posing an even bigger risk of burning.

    "Just like the brush that's around the area, homes are also starting to dry up,” said Dave Nelson, public information officer for Skyway Fire Department.

    "As the summer keeps going on, as we have these types of fires, we're going to respond with multiple units right away,” added Nelson.

    That’s what happened Sunday when a mobile home burned down at Empire View Mobile Home Park.

    "I don't know what happened, it caught fire,” said Ibrahim Mataly, the homeowner.

    "I feel sad,” he added.

    He and his family were gone at the time the fire started, and firefighters are still investigating the cause.

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