Thousands want Costco to not to sell genetically-engineered salmon

VIDEO: People want Costco to promise it won't sell genetically engineered salmon
Fifty thousand people in Washington want Costco to promise it won't sell genetically engineered salmon.  That's even though the FDA has given preliminary approval to GMO salmon.
 In its nearly four decades, Seattle's Central Co-op has never sold a farm-raisedfish.
"We are pledged to sell only wild-caught fish,” says Webster Walker, the store’s community outreach administrator.
But now, says Walker, even a farm sounds better than the newest alternative -- a lab.
"Absolutely, no brainer,” Walker says, referring to signing a nationwide pledge by 9,000 businesses stating even if the FDA approves genetically engineered salmon -- a fish made up of DNA from multiple fish -- Central Co-op won't sell it.
A Seattle grass-roots group for food justice now wants a big-box store to do the same.  For a year, other retailers like Trader Joe's, Safeway, Kroger, and Whole Foods have all said they won't sell the salmon.  As of Wednesday, Costco hasn't said either way.
“They've been evading saying they will sell it.  They said they'll make the decision at the time,” says Danielle Friedman with Community Alliance for Global Justice. So CAGJ is planning a Saturday afternoon protest at the Seattle Costco.  It has gathered 50,000 signatures of people who want Costco to join the fight against the super salmon.
Costco customers we talked to hope it works.
"I wouldn't stop shopping here because I think there are a lot of benefits to Costco, but I hope they change their mind,” one woman told us as she was leaving the Seattle store.

SEATTLE — We reached out to Costco to request an interview but have not heard back.

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