• FAA orders 777 inspection after Las Vegas runway fire


    The Federal Aviation Administration ordered the inspection of several engines used on the Boeing 777 after passengers evacuated a fire-engulfed plane in Las Vegas in September.

    The inspection, as reported in an FAA document Monday, involves three metal discs inside the GE-90 engines.

    Passengers on landing planes grabbed dramatic photos of a fire that engulfed a British Airways Boeing 777 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on September 8, 2015.

    A metal disk in the engine of the plane reportedly broke apart on the takeoff, igniting the fire, according to the Seattle Times.

    Airport officials said 159 passengers and 13 crew members were evacuated by emergency slides. Two people were transported immediately after the incident with minor injuries, according to reports. Officials later said 14 people were transported for treatment of minor injuries.

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