• 8 dogs, puppies rescued from squalid conditions


    LACEY, Wash. - Eight dogs and puppies were rescued from squalid conditions in Lacey on Sunday.

    Some of the dogs, which were living among piles of trash and junk, appeared to have not been fed. Officials said it was a "hoarding situation."

    The dogs were found without food and water and kept with almost no protection from the elements. There were piles of feces and wet bedding in their cages.

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    Officials said they needed police backup because the owner wouldn't let anyone onto his property.  Police had to obtain a warrant before animal services could check on the animals.

    "He had rights, and the animals didn't, and that we were infringing upon him and he wanted to know who we all were," said Ananda Boylan with Thurston County Animal Services.

    The cages the eight dogs were found in were small enough that they were crammed inside.

    The dogs were taken to an animal hospital in Olympia. Officials say they are on the road to recovery. 

    Charges may be filed against the owner of the dogs and police are conducting an investigation.





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