Arrest made in OfferUp robberies over the weekend

VIDEO: Man robbed in OfferUp purchase in Bellevue

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Bellevue police said they arrested a 17-year-old for allegedly robbing two people at gunpoint over the weekend, after pretending to sell something on OfferUp.

Police said they are serving a search warrant at the suspect's apartment.

A man was robbed at gunpoint by the person pretending to be selling a laptop on the online marketplace OfferUp, police said, adding it was second OfferUp-related armed robbery in as many days.

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Both armed robberies happened in broad daylight; both in the parking lot of the same Bellevue apartment complex, police said.

The victim stood in silence as Bellevue police began their investigation into the armed robbery that he says happened in this parking lot Sunday morning.

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"I was inquiring (about a) Mac Book Pro on OfferUp and this is the location in Bellevue he gave me," said Jinsha, declining to reveal his last name.

They agreed Jinsha would pay $600, but the suspect insisted they meet alone at the Kendall Ridge apartments.

"And then we met here, and he got into my car and pull out gun," Jinsha said. "[He] ask [for] all the money I have. And he run away."

Bellevue police immediately began searching for the suspect.

"And we are hot on the trail," said Meeghan Black, the Bellevue Police Department's public information officer. "We had a dog out here who was able to pick up a trace of the suspect. So we're putting together all of those details."

Police believe the same suspect robbed another OfferUp victim in the same parking lot Saturday morning.

He is described as an East Indian or Hispanic man in his 20s, 5 feet, 8 inches to 6 feet tall. He weighs 200 to 220 pounds. He has long, curly hair.  He was wearing shorts, a black hoodie and tennis shoes, and was carrying a backpack.

Bellevue police are warning OfferUp buyers to beware.

"You just want to take your personal safety into consideration," Black said.  "And again, find a public place, a place that has cameras, and bring a friend."

Jinsha's vehicle was towed away for Bellevue police. They wanted to dust it for fingerprints the suspect may have left behind.

"I just want to get this guy caught as soon as possible," Jinsha said.