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Police: Woman in custody after attempting to kidnap child at Kirkland park

A woman in her 30s was taken into custody Thursday after police say she grabbed another woman's child at a park in Kirkland.

The incident happened at Bridle Trails State Park just before noon.

Police said a grandmother was walking with her 2-year-old grandchild on a trail when an unknown woman hit the grandmother in the head from behind, grabbed the boy and ran away.

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The child's mother was in a vehicle with her baby when she saw the unknown woman with her son. The grandmother and the mother chased after the suspect.

Police said there was a scuffle and the mother and grandmother were able to get the child back and get away from the suspect.

A Kirkland police officer was on patrol and saw the mother standing in the parking lot with a woman who witnessed the incident.

The suspect reappeared from the wooded area and the officer took the suspect into custody.

The grandmother had some abrasions to her head and the mother and children were not hurt.

Lori Edgerton has five kids and twice as many grandkids, and the Kirkland mother told KIRO 7 she’d go after anyone who tried to hurt any one of them.

“Oh yeah I’d be all over that, I would be chasing them down.  I mean, I don’t think you cannot chase them down,” Edgerton said.

Police said the suspect told them she thought the child was in danger.  She was booked into the King County jail on assault and attempted kidnapping

“That leaves you feeling like there’s nothing you can do—even when you’re holding your child’s hand somebody can take your child,” Edgerton said.

The investigation is ongoing.