Motorcycle thieves caught on camera in Bellevue

BELLEVUE, Wash, — Bellevue Police hope someone will recognize the men who stole two motorcycles from Eastside Harley Davidson.

The theft happened early in the morning on September 11. The entire crime was caught on camera, according to investigators.

The video obtained by KIRO 7 shows two men scoping out the bikes earlier that morning. The men don't have their faces covered. A third man comes and cuts the cord securing the bikes. Before the suspects steal the bikes, they leave and return in motorcycle gear, with their faces covered.

Detectives don't know if the men cloned the keys or how they got the bikes started. They do think the thieves are part of an organized crime ring. The thieves are on the phone during the theft taking photos of the bikes and texting, investigators think they might be talking to a buyer on the other end. The stolen motorcycles are used and worth a total of about $30,000.

Anyone who recognizes the men or has any information about the theft should call Bellevue Police, or make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers, 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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