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Mother who fought off kidnapper speaks out

KIRKLAND, Wash. — A mother who had to fight to get her son back from a kidnapper told her story to KIRO-7 on Friday afternoon.

"The woman hit my mom from behind, grabbed my son and ran," she said.

The mother, who asked not to be identified, wanted to talk about what happened at Bridle Trails Park 
in Kirkland to warn other parents.

"It can happen to anyone anywhere, but if you're mentally prepared to some extent, that you don't have to lose your child," she said.

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Her mom took her toddler son for a walk while she breastfed her baby girl in the car.

Then she saw a woman running toward her carrying her toddler.

"My mom was chasing the woman who had my son in her hands," she said. "It doesn't occur to you when it happens, then in a split second, you understand what is going on."

She jumped out of the car and fought with the woman, scratching at her face and kicking her, without dropping the baby in her arms. When her mom ran up, she handed her the baby and then pushed the woman to the ground to fight for her son.

She got the 2-year-old back as the woman threatened to call police.

Police happened to drive into the parking lot.

Police arrested the 33-year-old suspect. Court documents identify the woman as Ashley Crane, 33. 
Crane is in the King County Jail for investigation of kidnapping and assault.  She is scheduled for a bail hearing on Saturday.

The woman was able to take photos of the suspect in case she fled before police arrived.

Police say Crane has a history of mental illness and had been living in her car at the park.

"I think anyone who can take a child has issues and I would hope any and all help that can help her and keep the public safe."

She said she’d always thought about what she’d do to protect her family. She never thought the attacker would be another woman.

“Not to live in fear, but to follow your intuition and to trust that you’ll know how to react and think through it—-and honestly not be the screaming woman in the horror show who has no action, be someone who actually takes action," she said.