Burglars steal truck, guns from dying Redmond man's home

VIDEO: Thieves break into Redmond man's home

REDMOND, Wash. — The sons of a Redmond man who is dying of cancer have a new concern Thursday.

Heartless crooks broke into the home of the Redmond man and stole his prized truck and 10 weapons he had locked up in a safe.

His sons just got the terrible news that their dad has only months to live. Then they discovered his house had been broken into. 

They asked not to use their last name to protect their father's privacy.

"I noticed that the side gate was open which is also unusual," said Craig as he walked toward the house where he grew up, and where his father still lives.

And he showed what should be there but isn't.

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​"This is where he always parked his truck, right here," said Craig, pointing to the driveway. "It'd been out here for years."

But when he dropped by Wednesday night and it wasn't here, he and his brother knew their dad's 1977 Chevrolet Suburban, with the Washington license plate B34247F, had been stolen.

He called Redmond police, who went through the house before he was allowed inside.

"It had been just been totally, totally ransacked and overturned," said Scott, another son. "And they had stolen everything that meant anything to my dad."

That includes the hunting guns and rifles his 71-year-old Dad had stored in a locked safe. Among the stolen items were a couple of Remingtons, a Browning Auto 5, a Ruger Single 6 and a couple of Winchesters.

"He's pretty upset about the break-in," said Scott, another son. "He found out last night."

Scott posted the incident online, in hopes of getting his father's truck and weapons back.

"I want to catch the guys that did this," Scott said. "Growing up as a kid, my dad did everything for me and my brothers. He'd move mountains for us. And I'd like to think I can do the same for my dad."

They are asking anyone who sees the vehicle or the guns to call 911. Since the burglars could be armed, they should be considered dangerous, too.