Disturbing picture in anti-tax email: Did Eyman go too far?

Anti-tax initiative sponsor Tim Eyman reacted in his typically sharp tongued fashion when he saw King County Executive Dow Constantine attack the tight limit on property tax revenues that Eyman championed.

But this time did he go too far?

Click here to see offensive photo.

Eyman is the sponsor of Initiative 747 which led to a 1% cap on the additional amount of property tax revenue that government can collect every year. 
The cap remains in effect even when real estate values skyrocket.  So Constantine and other local leaders say they won't have the revenues to keep up with population growth and inflation.
When Constantine raised the possibility of a new property tax levy to pay for children's health and early education, Eyman responded with an email to thousands of his supporters. 
The email accused Constantine of "crass attempt to blackmail voters" and "hostage-taking" by using the health of children to persuade voters to increase taxes.
He illustrated the email by using a picture of a woman holding a gun to a baby's head.
"I didn't," Eyman said when KIRO-7 asked if he had any moral compunctions about using such a violent image.
He said that Constantine is doing the same thing by making improvements in child health contingent on higher taxes.
Constantine declined an on-camera interview, saying he did not want to dignify the email. In a statment he said, an email "depicting violence against children" has "no place in the civic debate."