• Puyallup dad accused of giving daughter THC oil she used to bake brownies

    By: Chris Legeros


    TACOMA, Wash. -  

    Quick Facts: 

    • Man allegedly gave his teen daughter THC oil extracted from marijuana
    • His teen daughter made brownies and lemon bars with the oil 
    • The teen then passed the baked goods to friends at school and they got sick
    • After a search warrant, police found hash oil extraction equipment and 125 marijuana plants at Miller's home

    Michael Dennis Miller is accused of illegally growing marijuana at his Puyallup home, extracting THC oil from it and sharing some with his 16-year-old daughter. 

    Pierce County sheriff's deputies said she used the drug to make brownies and lemon bars, and shared them with students Tuesday at Emerald Ridge High School.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said, “We ended up with four students sick where the fire department had to be called to check them out medically to make sure they were OK.” 

    Some of the students had elevated heart rates.  Others complained that they felt shaky, numb, anxious, or fuzzy. 

    For putting all the kids at risk, Miller is also facing a charge of reckless endangerment.  

    When deputies searched Miller's home, they found 125 marijuana plants and equipment in the garage used to extract the THC oil.

    Pierce County's sheriff is worried we will see more problems with edibles infused with marijuana.  

    Sheriff Paul Pastor is concerned that more people who eat the treats may become sick and under the influence without even realizing it.  Pastor said, “It’s very difficult to determine the exact intensity or concentration of the drug in an edible situation.  So you have a brownie before you.  Is that a brownie that’s the equivalent of one marijuana cigarette or 10 marijuana cigarettes?” 

    In this case, Troyer said the students knew they were eating a treat infused with THC. 

    They just didn't understand the level of the drug in them.

    Miller is now in jail, held on $35,000 bail.

    His daughter is in juvenile detention charged with delivering a controlled substance.

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