• Trusting burglar tries to return stolen goods, collect forgotten ID


    BREMERTON, Wash. - A man was arrested after trying to exchange stolen goods for his own items that he left behind at the burglary scene, and asked his victims not to tell police, the Bremerton Police Department said Wednesday.


    Bremerton police Sergeant Kevin Crane said that early Tuesday, a man who heard noises in his home pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and yelled, “Get out of my house” three times. The homeowner, Travis Foreman, told police that seconds later, he heard a voice say, “Yes, sir.”


    Forman is a former Marine and said he quickly armed himself.


    "My wife tapped me, hear some noise out in my living room," Foreman said. "I grabbed my pistol, came out of the passage way, loaded a round, chambered a round."


    The sound of the pistol reverberated throughout the house as Foreman told the intruder to leave.


    "What I said was, 'Get out now!' What I heard from him was, 'Yes, sir!'" Foreman said.


    Foreman found that several items in the house had been taken.  Cars parked outside had also been broken into.


    The burglar left behind what were described as personal items that allowed police to identify the intruder as Shane Jackman, according to Crane.


    As police were attempting to locate Jackman, the burglar, who had stolen cellphones belonging to Foreman and his wife, called Foreman's brother in California, tearfully asking if he could bring the stolen goods back in exchange for the personal items he left at the home. He asked that police not be notified.


    "He says, 'Hey, I got the guy on the line that apparently stole your stuff. He said he's crying, he's distraught and says he wants to give your stuff back,'" Foreman said.


    The couple said he could return the stolen items.


    When Jackman was on his way, a family member notified police in the area to let them know what had happened.


    When Jackman showed up at the house to make the exchange, he was taken into custody by officers from the Bremerton Police Department who were waiting for him, Crane said.


    "We didn't have his stuff, so obviously he just wasn't that smart at that point," Foreman said.


    Prosecutors said Jackman has a long criminal history. He faces charges of residential burglary with his bail set at $100,000.

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