• Does school surveillance video show 'choking game' or assault?


    KENT, Washington - Video of a student choking another student at Mattson Middle School in Kent has set off a controversy about whether it was the result of a choking game gone horribly wrong.

    The surveillance video, shot Thursday, showed one boy put another in a choke hold. After several seconds, the smaller boy passed out and dropped to the concrete.

    The victim suffered head injuries.

    The 14-year-old boy accused of choking him was taken to juvenile detention.

    The boy's mother, Andrea Shaffer, said her 6-foot -2-inch son doesn’t know his own strength.

    “(He said) that he was sorry. He didn’t know.  He was messing around.  He didn’t mean for that to happen,” said Andrea Shaffer.

    The boy’s mother said her son has had problems with fighting in the past, but has matured a lot recently until Thursday’s incident.

    “The choking game” has become popular among kids as a way to get a rush.

    The boy could be charged with second-degree assault.

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