• Couple says tiny home offers fuller life, financial stability

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    SEATTLE - For some people, the American Dream has taken on new meaning.

    Gone is the ideal of a big home and multiple cars. Instead, there’s a movement to downsize for a shot at financial freedom.

    "We've been married a long time and haven't built out our savings. I guess we are trying to keep up with the Joneses. I was always taught growing up that real estate is it but that didn't work out so well," said Juliette Ricci Lagman.

    Lagman and her husband Ron now dream of building a tiny home.

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    By streamlining their life they’re preparing to live in a new home that’s just a couple hundred feet.

    The house will be a compact 200 square feet to be precise.

    They estimate it cost them $20,000 and cost less than $10 a month in utilities.

    And with the savings they say they’ll live a bigger life, full of more experiences and travel.

    See our full video report here, on how they’re preparing for their new life and the regulation barriers they’re overcoming.

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