• Church security breach may be bigger than first thought

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE, Wash. - The security breach may be bigger than first thought.

    Former Archdiocese of Seattle employees now say their information was stolen, too, and say the church did not even let them know.

    “I have contacted the archdiocese,” said Sean Taeschner, a former sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade teacher for the Seattle Archdiocese.  “I’m very concerned about it, and there’s been no response.”

    A few days ago, Taeschner found out his taxes were filed by someone else and he wouldn’t be getting his refund any time soon.  The IRS told him they were investigating a security breach at the Archdiocese and his information may have been stolen.

    “What surprised me is, they’ve been notifying all of their employees, but they haven’t notified any of their former employees,” Taeschner said.

    KIRO 7 found out last week the data breach could affect up to 90,000 current employees and volunteers at church schools and offices across 19 Western Washington counties.  Taeschner said he knows three former employees of the archdiocese, including himself, who had their tax returns filed for them.  He said none got any warning or notification from the church.

    However, church spokesman Greg Magnoni said the church is doing its best to alert everyone involved.

    Magnoni wrote via email: "We made an effort to contact all current and former employees who may have been affected. We have reached out through every means we have available to alert people of this problem and will continue to provide information in the future."

    Church officials still do not definitively know what caused the data breach and are working with the IRS and FBI to find out.

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