• Chipotle issues chain-wide closure to host food safety meeting


    DENVER, Colo. - Chipotle is closing all of its stores on Monday to chat about food safety.  

    The meeting - which will be live-tweeted and broadcasted on Periscope - is set to run about four hours, starting at 11 a.m. and running until about 3 p.m.

    The meeting will be led by CEO Steve Ells, who will field questions from employees.

    The meeting will outline a new “farm-to-fork” food safety program, which the company first implemented in back in January.

    The program includes paid sick leave, to ensure that workers stay home when they’re sick, and requires DNA-based testing of ingredients before they’re shipped out to restaurants.

    It also calls for a few other changes, including washing and cutting tomatoes and romaine lettuce and shredding cheese in central kitchens instead of individual restaurants.

    Additionally, it requires the blanching of avocados, onions and limes. They’re also trying out new methods to marinate chicken and steak.

    The meeting will take place at Chipotle’s headquarters in Denver. 

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    Chipotle issues chain-wide closure to host food safety meeting

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