Center for Whale Research says baby spotted among endangered Southern orcas

The birth brings the orca population to 83 in the Puget Sound.

Wash. — The Center for Whale Research today confirmed the discovery of another calf born into the endangered Southern Resident Community.

This is the sixth calf born into population this year.

The baby orca, designated J53 by the Center, was seen on Saturday, October 24th in Haro Strait.

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The calf was traveling with J17, also known as Princess Angeline, a 38-year-old member of J-Pod.

This is J17’s fourth calf.  She is the grandmother of J46 and J47.

“The wide range of ages of the mothers has really been fascinating to us,” explained Michael Harris, Executive Director of PWWA, representing 36 operators in B.C. and Washington. “This year, we’ve had the youngest mother on record give birth, a 10-year-old, and three of the oldest.  Now we’ve got a grandma having a baby.  Forty is definitely the new 30 among the Southerns.”