• 2 students killed, 2 injured in Ferndale crash


    FERNDALE, Wash. - Students are mourning two Windward High School students who were hit and killed by an SUV in the Ferndale area. Two other students were hurt.


    • 15- and 18-year-old died
    • Two other teens at hospital
    • Teens were with PE class
    • 34-year-old driver booked

    The students were outside for a physical education class and were on the sidewalk when they were hit Wednesday.

    Two teen boys, 15-year-old Gabriel Anderson and 18-year-old Shane Ormiston, died.

    The two other teen boys were sent to St. Joseph's Hospital in serious condition.

    The injured teens are Michael Brewster of Custer and Kole Randall of Ferndale. Both are 17 years old.

    One of the boys was transferred to Harborview Medical Center. This usually happens when Harborview, as a trauma center, is better equipped to address the patient’s needs.

    >> Investigators spent hours at the scene, see photos here

    The driver, William J. Klein, initially told the Washington State Patrol that he fell asleep.

    Troopers said Klein admitted to daily marijuana use. Prosecutor and defense say Klein did not admit to using marijuana before the deadly crash. The results of Klein’s drug test will take about a week.

    Grief counselors and two therapy dogs are at the school Thursday to help students deal with the loss.

    In the school parking lot, signs were taped on a car belonging to one of injured students that has been parked there since Wednesday. One sign said, "Don't leave us yet." 

    A candlelight vigil is scheduled for Saturday night. 

    State Trooper Mark Francis says the students were on a sidewalk on Graveline and West Smith roads Wednesday afternoon when the SUV left the road and hit them from behind.

    “We heard the impact sounded like cars hitting, like three or four impacts, just: ‘boom, boom, boom,’” said Scott Delamare.  “Within seconds I was running out there, and I saw, and called 911… They looked like there were passed away people crumpled up on the side of the road, and it was horrible.”

    WSP first reported the teens were hit walking home, but Mark Francis later said the kids were with a PE class of 30 students. A teacher was with the class.

    “He needs to get life [in prison] for this, period,” said Leah Chilcote who saw the aftermath of the SUV going up on the sidewalk.  “Two children are no longer here, two children are injured, there’s many families in the community affected by this, breaks my heart.”

    "There are simply no words to soothe the pain of this loss. Ferndale is hurting and we mourn together, as a community," Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in this time of tragedy."

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