• Burglars' live performance lures police

    By: Gary Horcher


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Chris Beaver was working a construction job when his iPhone began ringing with a security alert.

    “I expected to see my two pugs acting up,” said Beaver, watching live surveillance images of his family room.

    What Beaver actually saw took his breath away. A woman was squeezing her body through a doggy door before going to the front door, allowing a male accomplice to walk in and help with a burglary.

    “I'm saying, ‘No way, no way am I actually watching somebody in my house.’ You know, I couldn't believe it."

    The live images of the burglars were being relayed to Beaver’s smart phone by the DropCam surveillance system -- something Beaver only bought the week before his house was being ransacked.

    While the burglars were recorded, they took their time to fill pillow cases, laundry baskets and more with stolen items.

    When they stepped outside, every available Federal Way police officer was there, waiting to take the pair into custody. Police say the man and woman on the surveillance both have very long criminal records. Both await court appearances in King County’s superior court.

    Beaver says while the technology is relatively inexpensive, it is still relatively rare.  

    Federal Way police were impressed by the quality of the video, said Beaver.

    “I mean, the cops said every cop on the force is going to get one now and high fiving me and standing in line -- I had to keep going back over it in the rain. I mean, they loved it!"

    This is the first crime Federal Way police have solved with DropCam video.

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