• Boil-water advisory issued for Key Peninsula community; E. coli found in water sample

    By: Deborah Horne


    PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. - About 800 residents awoke to a boil-water advisory after a routine test showed E. coli in the well water at the Lake of the Woods community in Wauna on the Key Peninsula, west of Gig Harbor.

    "I'm more worried for him than for me," said Sanna Stohs, as she held her 28-month-old son. They found out just before noon Saturday that the well water they rely on might be contaminated.

    Stohs said she hasn't been feeling too well, herself.

    "So far just my stomach's hurting," she said. "I'm just tired. I'm not sure."

    "We'll have to see after you eat something," said her husband, Martin.

    "Yeah," she replied. "I just don't feel too well yet."

    The possible E. coli contamination was found during a routine monthly test Thursday. When the results came back Friday showing a possible E. coli contamination, the people who run the private well water system treated the system with chlorine.

     The state Department of Health issued the boil-water advisory Saturday.

    "I'm not as worried about myself but I know if I have it, it can transfer to him, too," said Stohs. "So that makes me more worried."

    Since the water was treated with chlorine, it won't be tested again until Monday.

    If four water samples come back clean, the boil-water advisory will be lifted.

    Until then, residents will need to continue boiling any tap water they use.

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