• Beefed up patrols in Seattle, for Seahawks game

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - They gathered at a Belltown bakery whose name took on special significance, on this day after the deadly night before in their beloved Paris.  These Puget Sound residents from France, united in grief and horror while feeling so very far from home.

    "We're 5,000 miles from Paris," said Olivier Fontana, president of UFE-Seattle, an organization for French expatriates. "But our family's there.  I got my dad this morning; he's in total shock. One of my friends, one street ahead from one of the attacks. She was locked in her apartment."

     Fontana organized the gathering.

    "When things like this come into place," said Fontana. "We're like a family which fights all the time. We just want to be together around the Thanksgiving table."

    He stood alongside Seattle Mayor Ed Murray who told the crowd we are all members of that family.

     "Today, Seattle says 'We are all Parisians,' " Murray said. "And our thoughts and our prayers and any support we can offer go out to the city of Paris, to the people of France."

     Indeed, all over Seattle, businesses, including the Great Wheel, are flying the French colors in solidarity. 

     Seattle police chief Kathleen O'Toole said "There are no immediate threats in Seattle."

    Still, she said, they are taking no chances.

     "We've definitely stepped up patrols in and around the city," said O'Toole. "We're working closely with the Honorary Consul here of France to ensure we provide support to them as well. So we'll be taking a close look at all events."

     That includes the Seahawks game tomorrow. Along with tighter security, the NFL is reminding Seahawks fans to bring only a small plastic bag for personal items.

     They will fly the French flag there, too.

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