Ballard RV "safe lot" for homeless opens

VIDEO: Ballard RV safe lot for homeless opening weekend

BALLARD, Wash. — Seattle's first "safe lot" for homeless people living in RVs is now open in Ballard along Shilshole Avenue Northwest.

Those staying inside the fenced parking lot say they are adjusting well.

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Timothy Pugsley says he's trying to abide by the rules and be a good neighbor.

"I'm really thankful. We're all really thankful," he says.

Pugsley lives in one of four RVs parked so far at the Old Yankee Diner parking lot.

The lot and another site selected in SODO will temporarily house around 50 RVs.

Colleen Coberly invited KIRO 7 News inside her RV and explained why being able to park, stay somewhere and keep warm is important to her.

“I have lupus and I have a lot of days like this where I can't get out of bed,” she said while lying down. “And I'm really sick and I need heat. I need heat and I need a safe place to be and not be bothered or harassed."

The lot is fenced off and guarded 24/7 by a city worker.

"That is awesome,” said Pugsley of the security. “That makes me feel really comfortable. We don't have to lock everything up like at the last locations."

Some electricity is provided; there are bathrooms, a kitchen tent and garbage service -- though residents would like a dumpster added.

"It's awesome,” said Pugsley. “It feels really good."

Puglsey and Coberly are confident a case worker the city has provided to those staying in the lot will help them find permanent housing.

“And that's what I need," said Coberly.

The plan is to have the Ballard “safe lot” open until August.

The city is considering implementing several rules for the two lots, including: no smoking, no visitors, no active cook stoves and no heating inside RVs.

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