• King Co. deputy shoots 17-year-old suspect in stolen car

    By: Gary Horcher


    SEATAC, Wash. - A King County sheriff’s deputy shot a 17-year-old suspected car thief in SeaTac Thursday night after the youth rammed a patrol car, pinning a deputy, investigators said.

    Family members identified the teenager as Isaiah Brazier, of Seattle.

    Sgt. Stan Seo, a sheriff's spokesman, told KIRO 7 he was struck once in the head, but that his injuries are not life-threatening.Seo said the shooting happened at the end of a pursuit, which began when deputies spotted the stolen white Lexus at South 208th and 32nd Lane South in SeaTac. Deputies pulled the car over, but the suspect soon sped away, according to Seo.

    After racing into a dead-end at 32nd Avenue South, which was filled with children, the suspect was blocked in by deputies, who got out of their cars, drew their weapons and repeated orders to show his hands, said Seo.

    Deputies say the suspect refused the orders, then shifted the car into reverse, ramming a patrol car, and pinning a deputy’s legs, Seo said. The deputy was not injured, but Seo said at that point, the suspect was using the car as a weapon against deputies.

    Another deputy, who was providing backup, fired twice through the back of the Lexus, hitting the suspect.

    Several witnesses at the scene question the deputies' account of the shooting.

    Jessica Speidel-Schneider says the deputies did not order the suspect out of the car before the shots were fired.

    "I didn't hear them saying anything to each other. You just heard all the commotion, the police sirens, the run, and 'pop, pop, pop,'" said Speidel-Schneider. 

    Brazier was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in serious condition.  A spokeswoman said they had been instructed not to release any additional information about Brazier.

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