• Details emerge about Molly Conley shooting suspect


    A suspect in the shooting death of Bishop Blanchet freshman Molly Conley was arrested Friday, marking a break in a nearly month-long manhunt into the Lake Stevens incident.

    Detectives from Snohomish County, Marysville and Lake Stevens arrested 26-year-old Erick Walker down the street from his Marysville house. Walker is being held at the Snohomish County Jail and is being investigated for up to 10 charges, including four drive-by shootings and Conley's death. He's expected in court for a Monday bail hearing and has not yet been charged. 

    It's not clear what led police to Walker, but detectives served a search warrant at his residence Friday. Walker's background check shows only traffic infractions in Washington - mostly speeding tickets.

    His arrest happened in front of Sandra Torres’ home.

    “They were yelling, ‘Put your hands up! Get out of the car!’ Then I watched them arrest him and apprehend him and search,” Torres said.

    Other neighbors were shocked to hear that Walker lived close to them.

    Conley was walking with a group of friends about 11:15 p.m. June 1 in the 10600 block of South Lake Stevens Road when a single shot hit her in the neck.

    Police dispatch calls recorded talk about a "dark-colored, bigger SUV," though police have not publicly discussed that vehicle description and have not given details about a suspect.

    Earlier this month, police made reverse 911 calls to Lake Stevens residents using their dispatch system – to roughly 4,000 land lines. It was the first time that Snohomish County system was used in a criminal investigation.

    In that call that also asked about other June 1 shootings, detectives sought tips about a black passenger vehicle that "may now have front, passenger-side damage." Officers didn't say where the information came from, but said they didn't do the reverse call until they had a concrete description.

    Detectives did not give further details Friday night. Conley’s father, John, was polite Friday but told KIRO 7 he was withholding comment until speaking further with a case detective.

    Conley and her friends were gathered in Lake Stevens on June 1 to celebrate her birthday.

    The reward for information leading to the conviction of Conley's killer was increased earlier this month to $34,000.

    Detectives searched for surveillance video, hoping for leads at a nearby espresso stand. But barista Grace Elerle told KIRO 7 the crime wasn't recorded. Police have not commented on whether other  video was found.

    Investigators have said very little about the investigation. Shari Ireton, spokeswoman for the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, which is leading the investigation, initially said the danger had passed. Later she clarified there was no way to assess the public threat until a suspect was in custody.

    KIRO 7 will be updating this story all weekend and will have the latest developments on Eyewitness News broadcasts. Previous coverage is linked below.

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