• Armored car driver shoots robbery suspect in head

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Lakewood, Wash. - As Blaine Rees walked into a Lakewood Bank of America Monday afternoon and spotted a man waiting near the entrance, he knew instantly something was very wrong.

    “He looked really, I mean just really, really out of place. I mean, not a little bit, a lot,” said Rees.

    Rees said the man was between the exterior and interior doors wearing what was clearly a disguise that he described as looking like something a clown would wear.

    “He had a weird winter hat on and big sunglasses and a big fake beard,” said Reese. “He had these big curls in his beard.”

    Rees alerted employees, warning that the man appeared to be waiting for an approaching armored car, possibly to rob it. Another armored car employee already inside the bank went to confront the man. At that point, say Lakewood police, the man pulled weapon and the armored car guard opened fire.

    “The security officer was over here and I’m here with shots going back and forth and I didn’t have anywhere to go,” said Reese. “I turned around and I saw the bank robber fall down and he took one in the thigh.”

    The robber ran to a waiting getaway car and was helped by a woman driver to get into the car. Eyewitnesses said he was bleeding from his leg and head. Hours later a man matching his description was dropped off at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tacoma and taken into surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. The woman driver was still on the loose Monday night.

    No one in the bank was hurt, including the armored car guard and no cash was taken. Rees said the experience left him terrified.

    “I wish my knees would quit  shaking because I feel like an idiot, but aside from that I feel fine," he said.

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