Anonymous veteran picks up bill for soldiers

TACOMA, Wash. — A note of gratitude was left on a Tacoma restaurant receipt when a former Marine picked up the bill for his fellow soldiers. 

After a lunch at Uncle Buck Fishbowl & Grill on Monday, Brian King posted to his Instagram the $52.65 bill signed by a "former marine."

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"Thanks for your service gentlemen," the mystery veteran simply wrote.

The Marine didn't introduce himself to King, who said he just wants to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to soldiers. 

"If I track him down, I'd love to buy him a meal or buy him a drink to say thank you," King to KIRO 7.

For security reasons, King and a few other soldiers with the Washington Army National Guard were not wearing uniforms during their lunch. King said he gave the Marine, sitting in the corner, a head nod.

The server brought the bill to the table, saying it was paid for in full.

"This Marine really knows what it means to take care of our fellow service members," King said. "We pay it forward often to service members who are underpaid for the work, time away from loved ones and the others' sacrifices that they have stepped up to do voluntarily."

As the search continues, comments are building on King's Instagram from other users, thanking both men for their service. 

King wrote in the caption that when he finds himself thinking no one cares he is a soldier, someone redeems his faith in society.

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