• Animal rights activists protest new lab at UW


    SEATTLE - Animal rights activists marched on the University of Washington campus Friday.

    They want to stop the construction of an animal research lab.

    Activists say the university will hold captive and torture thousands of animals in labs.

    The university says the construction is necessary so they can promote advances in science and medicine.


    Protests over the $124 million animal research facility have been going on for months, some even happening outside the homes of UW regent members and construction company executives.

    Members of that company successfully got a restraining order against one protestor.

    KIRO 7 spoke to the protester via Skype.

    “It’s ridiculous of them to think that by trying to silence one person that they are going to stop this campaign," said activist Amanda Schemkes.

    Not everyone agrees with the activists’ tactics.


    “They're just doing their job. And there's somebody else who's hiring them to do this job, so maybe they should talk to those people,” said UW student Jeffrey Pyke.

    Protestors with a sign reading "you will not build this lab" stopped construction at the site for about 12 hours this spring when they wouldn't move off the excavator.

    The protest lasted around an hour -- as the group marched with signs.

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