• Amazon ‘Make an Offer' allows you to buy products for less than asking price

    By: John Knicely


    Amazon is bringing haggling to its customers.  On Tuesday, the Seattle online marketplace unveiled “Make an Offer,” which allows customers to negotiate one on one with a seller.  The program rolled out with 150,000 collectible products, from coins to sports memorabilia to fine art. 

    If you wanted to offer less than the $150,000 asking price on a document signed by Abraham Lincoln, you can click on Make an Offer.  Your lower offer would be emailed to the seller. That person can accept or reject your offer or email you back to negotiate some more.  Once the seller accepts a lower price, you're notified and can add it to your Amazon cart at that lower price. 

    “That's interesting, because there's some things on there you think 'that's not really the right price' or 'it's a little pricey,'” said Madison Young of Seattle.  “That's cool. I'd definitely try that.”

     Buyers will never pay more than the original asking price.  But Don Macfarlane of Seattle brings up a good point in our on demand society. 

    “I don't know that I'd want to wait,” said Macfarlane.  “I might want to buy it right now.” 

    Amazon says it will expand the program to hundreds of thousands of items beyond collectibles in the new year.

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