5 things to know about The Jungle's fatal shooting

Five people were shot, two killed, when gunfire erupted in a homeless camp known as The Jungle on Tuesday night near Beacon Hill.

Gunmen remains at large. See photos from the scene here

Leaders continue the investigation on Wednesday – in a time when the city is struggling to improve the so-called homelessness crisis.

Here are five things you should know.

1.) Police believe the shootings likely involved people who knew each other 

Five people were found shot at the camp near Airport Way South, Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 after police responded to a report of shots fired at 7:15 p.m.

Two people died from their injuries: James Q Tran, 33, and Jeannine L. Zapata, 45.

Two women and a man were in serious condition. They are improving, according to HMC.

As police believe the shootings likely involved people who knew each other, there is no evidence the victims were targeted, because they were homeless.

The Seattle Times said a police source said the shooting was the result of a dispute between people who knew each other.

2.) Seattle mayor wonders if he acted too late on homeless emergency

Police were called to the shooting just before Mayor Ed Murray began his live address regarding the state of emergency in Seattle for homelessness.

Last fall, Murray declared the civil state of emergency because of the growing number of homeless people in Seattle and King County.

Seattle residents have raised concerns about homeless encampments other than The Jungle, and about transients living in RVs in multiple Seattle neighborhoods.
When Seattle's first tiny house village opened to house the homeless in mid-January, the story went viral – and was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

As Murray’s speech ended, KIRO 7 News learned a gunman was still on the loose on Airport Way South near South Seattle after The Jungle shooting.

In response to the timing, Murray said, "I can't help but wonder, did I act too late? ... Maybe I should have issued the state of emergency months earlier."

3.) The shooting is the largest in years

The shooting is the largest in Seattle since May 30, 2012 -- the Cafe Racer shooting.

In that incident, five people died and one person was injured.

In an SPU shooting on June 5, 2014, one student was killed and two other students were injured.

4.) Police chief addresses shooting in city council meeting about public safety meeting

Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole reiterated during a Tuesday morning Seattle City Council meeting that officers believed Tuesday's shootings were targeted.
According to a Seattle Times reporter, O'Toole said police would support people in The Jungle and other camps to help them feel safe.

5.) The Jungle has a history of violence.

The property, which is owned by the Seattle Department of Transportation, has been a notorious camp where people have lived for three decades.

The city tried to remove people who were living in the camp in 2012, but many stayed.

History of 'The Jungle' - The Jungle is the wooded area of South Seattle where I-5 and I-90 meet. Neighbors say it's a magnet for crime.Latest on Tuesday night's shooting. >> kiro.tv/ReportShooting]

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In June of 2009, 55-year-old Bernardino Maceo-Toirac was shot multiple times in the wooded area.

On July 22, 2009, Warren J. Bothwell’s death was the second 2009 homicide for The Jungle.

Bothwell, 45, was found dead at the scene. Police got a call around 12:30 a.m. and found him with a chest wound.

No charges were filed in either of the 2009 homicide cases.

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