Five charged in high school locker room assault

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Five teenage boys are charged with attempted rape for a bullying attack against a special education classmate in a high school locker room.

According to charging papers, Kirkland Police say on October 22, 2014, an 18-year-old special education student was lured into the shower area of a boy's locker room at Juanita High School -- where he was assaulted with a broomstick.

On Friday prosecutors filed second degree attempted rape charges in juvenile court against five boys -- four 15-year-olds and one 14-year-old.

Parents got word of the charges through a school email.

"It's extremely disturbing. It bothers me that it wasn't one kid, but it was five that were united and carried this act through," said Susan Vossler, who has a daughter at the school.

According to charging papers, word spread through text messages that members of the freshman football team planned a hazing act.

One recorded video of it on his phone.

Court papers say the athletic director reported the incident to the victim's aunt, who called police that night.

When KIRO 7 asked a spokeswoman for the Lake Washington School District why school officials didn't call police themselves, she answered -- "That's a very good question" -- and said the case was still under review.

Two football coaches were placed on administrative leave in November but are now back on the job.

All five boys were expelled.

They're due in court later this month.

The district says it is training coaches on supervision, and that students are no longer allowed in locker rooms without an adult.