• 4.3 earthquake hits north central Wash. wildfire zone


    OKANOGAN, Wash. - A 4.3 magnitude earthquake has hit the wildfire zone in north central Washington.

    The quake, which was six miles deep, hit 26 miles east of Okanogan and 25 miles north of Grand Coulee at 9:42 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

    KIRO 7 meteorolgist Morgan Palmer said an earthquake of that depth was considered shallow and was likely felt as a jolt.

    The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network asks if you felt the earthquake, to fill out the form here.


    Chelan County Emergency Management said it had received reports that the earthquake was widely felt and damages had yet to be reported.

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    There was an apparent 2.0 aftershock at 10:03 a.m.


    Wildfires have been burning in Okanogan County for weeks. Near twisp, the blaze killed three firefighters.

    Lower temperatures and higher humidity gave helped firefighters Tuesday as they tried to control the fires.

    A wildfire north of Nespelem that burned 320 square miles was 25 percent contained on Tuesday morning. Fire officials said a 252-square mile fire burning just west of there was 30 percent contained.

    "The weather is really helping," fire spokesman Donnie Davis said.

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    Highs that had been in the 90s recently were in the 60s now, and humidity had more than doubled into the 40s, Davis said.

    Meanwhile, the Okanogan Complex of wildfires was measured at 225 square miles and was 40 percent contained. This had been the largest wildfire in state history until more than half was split off this week by fire managers into a separately-managed blaze.

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