‘OK to indulge, just don’t do it every day’ – UW Nutritionist warns of holiday drinks

Those holiday drinks we all know and love are great, but experts say they should not become a daily habit during the holiday season.

Vanessa Imus, a Nutritionist at the University of Washington, said consumers should think of think of them as “treats” instead of everyday drinks.

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Imus said some ‘Grande’ size holiday drinks can have close to 400 calories.

“For a typical female, that’s breakfast. Most people are having the drink plus they’re having breakfast,” Imus said.

Even one mocha can have up to 50 grams of sugar, or about 12 teaspoons.

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For context, the American Heart Association recommends 23 grams, or about six teaspoons, as the daily sugar limit for a woman. Men are recommended no more than 36 grams.

“You can cut down significantly on the sugar if you reduce the size. A lot of people are used to getting a Grande. Cut that in half (and) get a short,” Imus said

Imus also advises people to think of their food and drink choices ahead of time instead of acting impulsively as unhealthy choices are often widely available during the holidays.