Jesse investigates mailers called ‘deceptive as all-get-out’

Jesse investigates mailers called ‘deceptive as all-get-out’
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson told Jesse Jones the mailers are “deceptive as all-get-out.” (Katie McDowell/KIRO 7)

It looks like a bill. It demands payment like a bill. But it’s actually an ad.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson called it “deceptive as all-get-out.” And it could be breaking our state’s Consumer Protection Act.

Jesse Jones found a case where the mailer was sent to a 100-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s asking her to pay double for a subscription.

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Small print. Big money. A huge national issue.

Now that Jesse brought it to the attention of investigators, the feds are involved.

In the video above, Jesse shows you the crucial information you need to know so you don’t fall for these high-dollar mailers.